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JPR AQUA — specialist in water and sewage management

If you are looking for a company that can propose solutions tailored to specific needs – see the offer of JPR AQUA. We offer products in the field of water and sewage management , compared to others, distinguished by excellent quality and the use of advanced solutions that ensure high efficiency and trouble-free operation for a long time.

Our offer includes household sewage treatment plants for individual customers and estate sewage treatment plants that can serve up to 450 residents. We also offer solutions designed for use in the gastronomy, as well as facilities such as petrol stations or car washes. When designing, we always focus on the client’s needs. We create products for a specific application. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Each of the available products is created by industry specialists who, based on their knowledge and experience, can offer you the best solutions. It is worth noting that most of the products available in the assortment have obtained the CE certificate, which means that they meet the requirements of the law in force in the European Union. Our solutions are a guarantee of quality and reliability, which is especially important for users of a household sewage treatment plant and other solutions available in the assortment, as well as for the natural environment.

As a manufacturer of products such as home sewage treatment plants, rainwater tanks or hydrocarbon separators, we know that it is particularly important to use appropriate materials, combine them with attention to detail and use carefully developed, modern technologies during this process. Thanks to this we can provide you with a product that meets the needs of a given family, housing estate residents or the founders of a specific activity.


The FAMILY drainage treatment plant does not consume electricity – it operates without electricity on the principle of gravity flow. The FIL D’EAU biological treatment plant takes, depending on the model, from 1.23 to 2.77 kWh / day, that is from 450 to approx. 1000 kWh / year.

A household sewage treatment plant should be emptied when the septic tank is occupied by 50% of sludge or once every two years.

The amount of space needed depends on the type of treatment plant selected and its size. The smallest biological treatment plants require an excavation of approx. 7 m². Drainage treatment plants need more space, the infiltration system of which can occupy from approx. 60 to approx. 1000 m².

When building a household sewage treatment plant, formalities require the following documents and permits:

  • declaration from the water and sewage company that it is not possible to connect to the sewage system,
  • geotechnical opinion issued by an authorized geologist,
  • a plot map with an indicated location of the treatment plant,
  • declaration of possession of the right to the real estate and its designation for construction purposes,
  • technical specification of the sewage treatment plant being installed,
  • notification of construction works.

Do not discharge sewage containing highly corrosive preparations for unblocking pipes and biocides (e.g. toilet flushing fluids) into the household treatment plant. Instead of this type of specifics, choose their biodegradable substitutes.

FAMILY drainage treatment plants are available in standard sizes – adapted to 2 to 44 permanent residents. FIL D’EAU biological treatment plants can service from 2 to even 450 permanent residents.

JPR AQUA home sewage treatment plants are multigenerational devices. Tanks and installations can work up to 100 years. The service life of the blower and pump is approx. 10 years. In the case of a drainage treatment plant, it may be necessary to replace the soil of the drainage system every 10 years.

The outflow from the sewage treatment plant is most often done by gravity, and the limitation in this case is the topography and the distance to the sewage discharge site. If the shape of the plot and the drainage length prevent gravity flow, then it is advisable to install an additional pumping station with appropriate parameters, which will deliver the sewage to the expected place.

A household sewage treatment plant is a better solution in every aspect. Comparison of a household sewage treatment plant to a septic tank, only the price of installing a septic tank affects its benefit. However, due to the high operating costs of septic tank, the treatment plant will turn out to be a better choice within the first year – also in economic terms.

The household treatment plant should be supplied with a dose of bacterial activator every 14 days, which provides fresh bacteria that purify the sewage.

In the drainage treatment plant the sewage is drained into the ground in the drainage plot. In biological treatment plants, it is possible to discharge clean sewage to a nearby watercourse or a drainage ditch, use it to irrigate plants on the plot, or drain it into the ground through drainage or an absorbing well.

JPR AQUA company – why is it worth it?

Regardless of whether you are thinking about building a household sewage treatment plant or installing separators of specific substances or other products related to water and sewage management, you will find the right solution in the JPR AQUA offer. Thanks to an individual approach to the customer and constantly expanding knowledge, we can meet all expectations and propose beneficial solutions. If you need data on the use of specific products – we invite you to check our calculators. We will be happy to answer any questions personally.

What does the JPR AQUA offer include?

Among the available products proposed by JPR AQUA are:

  • biological sewage treatment plant with FIL D’EAU bed,
  • Family drainage sewage treatment plant,
  • hydrocarbon separators,
  • fat and starch separators,
  • AQUAstore storage tanks,
  • SUWO water meter wells,
  • other types of tanks,
  • accessories and extras

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