Counteract drought and heat

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In recent years, summer temperatures in our country have been getting higher and higher. The multi-day heat is rarely interrupted by rainfall, which is usually violent and local. Such an aura is not conducive to home garden vegetation. Tap water is getting more expensive every year, and the need for additional irrigation in our garden is growing.

This can be counteracted by installing the AQUAstore tank that collects rainwater. Rain flowing down the gutter system from the roof of our house, instead of going to the sewage system, will collect in the tank. This free water can be used to water home utility and ornamental crops, as well as to maintain a dense, soft and green turf.

Contact us so that our consultants choose the best solution tailored to your needs. Our AQUAstore tanks are equipped with two variants of filters and an automatic pump, thanks to which taking water from the tank is as simple and convenient as unscrewing an ordinary tap.

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