Zbiornik na deszczówkę - podstawowe informacje


AQUAstore storage tanks manufactured by JPR AQUA are designed for the collection of rainwater and snowmelt. They can also be used as non-returnable tanks for the temporary storage of domestic sewage, i.e. as the so-called septic tanks. AQUAstore tanks can also provide a buffer for water storage for fire and flood control purposes. We manufacture tanks with capacities ranging from 600 litres (0.6 m3) to 60,000 litres (60 m3).  We invite you to get acquainted with our offer.

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Zbiorniki na wodę deszczową - wady i zalety

Application and advantages of AQUAstore tanks

Statistically, AQUAstore tanks are most often used for collecting rainwater. The water stored in the tank can be used for a variety of household purposes, such as watering the garden, flushing the toilet, washing vehicles or cleaning up. Once properly treated, the collected rainwater can also be used for doing laundry, washing dishes and even for hygiene purposes. Each of these applications conserves dwindling water resources and reduces the use of expensive mains water. Aquastore storage tanks are therefore both an ecological and economic investment. The ever-increasing popularity of this type of installation confirms its economic viability and environmental benefits.

In addition to its retention function, the rainwater harvesting tank also has a protective role. During heavy rainfall, spillages can form around the house, especially on soils with low permeability. A rainwater tank collects water run-off from the roof reducing or completely eliminating localised flooding of the area adjacent to the house. The stored water supply will serve the garden plants during long and warm periods without rain. It allows you to systematically water your vegetable garden, fruit trees and keep your lawn in good condition. The accumulated water in the reservoir will offset the negative effects of the summer heat, enabling your plants to develop and grow optimally. If the tank overflows, the excess water can be discharged into an infiltration system, absorption well, drainage ditch, river or sewer.

Zbiornik na deszczówkę podziemny - zasada działania

Operating principle

The tank is filled by gravity (self-filling). The origin of the filling system is the roof of the building. Water run-off from the roof can come from falling rain or from snow piled and melting on the roof. A very important part of the water supply system is the filters that remove mechanical impurities from the tank in order to protect the entire rainwater collection and utilisation system and ensure many years of trouble-free operation. The incoming water is usually filtered in two stages. In the first stage, it flows through a cleanout mounted on the downpipe or a settling tank mounted at the end of the downpipe, which catches the larger elements carried by the rainwater. This can include leaves and needles from nearby trees, pieces of branches and other waste deposited on the roof of your house. In the next stage, the water flows through a filter screen located, depending on the chosen solution: either in the independent Filter 360 or in the tank itself. The screen catches finer impurities such as gravel, coarser sand or other elements that have passed through the cleaner or settling tank of the gutter system. The filter screen takes the form of a basket. A handle is attached to its top edge to allow the sieve to be periodically pulled out for emptying and cleaning.

Water can be withdrawn from the Aquastore tank in various ways. The solution we offer is to install an automatic submersible pump at the bottom of the tank, controlled by the pressure at the outlet. When a tap is turned on, a toilet overflow valve is opened or the trigger on a watering gun is released, the pressure in the system drops and the pump is activated. When the water intake point is closed, the increase in pressure in the system causes the pump to shut down automatically. The collection of rainwater from a tank produced by JPR AQUA is in this respect not significantly different from the use of an ordinary water supply system. The pump described is an accessory for the AQUAstore tank.

The rainwater collected in the tank can be used for a variety of purposes, but it should be borne in mind that the water drawn from the tank may contain fine impurities that have passed through the filters on the inlet. They can accumulate and clog pipes and small-diameter nozzles such as those in sprinklers or some watering guns. Such deposits should also not be present in the water used to do the laundry. In such cases, the stored water in the tank should be subjected to additional treatment through the installation of dedicated filters and other water quality improvement devices tailored to the application.


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