SUWO water meter wells manufactured by JPR AQUA are designed for the installation of water meters and protection of the meters from environmental conditions outside building structures. The wells are monolithic (one-piece) castings made of polyethylene by rotational moulding. They are resistant to corrosion, weathering and other natural environmental factors.

Application and main tasks

SUWO water meter wells are used when, for various reasons, a water meter cannot be installed inside a building. Wells are be located on the premises, outside building structures at a distance of more than 1 m – application area “U”. The default location for them is the lawn in close proximity to the plot boundary – usually no more than 2.0 m. A properly installed SUWO water meter well is a maintenance-free device, requiring minimal and occasional maintenance. Depending on the type chosen, it can ensure complete tightness.

The primary task of the SUWO water meter well is to protect the water meter installed in it from freezing. A properly installed well protects the water meter and fittings when the ambient temperature at ground level is no lower than -30°C. The various well models use different physical phenomena to counteract the freezing of water in the water meter area:

  • thermal insulation – in the SUWO 500 well, the body and cover are equipped with insulating material that creates a thermal barrier between the inside of the well and its surroundings;
  • geothermal energy – in the SUWO 600 and SUWO 1000 wells, the water meters are installed at a sufficiently great depth – below the ground frost level and use the heat of the lower soil layers to maintain a positive temperature within the water meter.

Depending on the geographical location and thus the local weather conditions, the ground has a certain maximum frost depth. In the vast majority of Poland, the ground freezes to a depth of 0.8-1.0 m. Only in the mountain areas and in the north-eastern part, the freezing reaches 1.2-1.4 m.

A prerequisite for proper protection of the water meter is its proper installation inside the well and the well itself in the ground. In the SUWO 500 water meter well, the water meter is mounted high, close to the bottom surface of the cover. In the SUWO 600 and SUWO 1000 wells, the water meter is placed low, at the bottom of the well, below the ground frost level.

The wells can be fitted with sealed connections from DN15 to DN110 (depending on type and customer preference). The connections can be freely prefabricated – their number, size and position are determined by the future user according to demand and the location of the pipeline.


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