neutralisation chamber


Equipment designed to neutralise acids contained in the sewage. It is intended for installation in sewage drains in rooms where there is a risk of mineral acid spillage: battery rooms, laboratories, chemical plants, car disassembly stations, etc. The neutralising element is neutral calcium carbonate (marble) embedded in the baskets, on which a chemical reaction takes place, as a result of which water-insoluble sulphates are formed. The sewage after neutralisation is led to the outlet in the upper part of the basket. It is important to verify the amount of marble in the basket during the operation of the unit – losses resulting from chemical reactions should be regularly replenished. Please note! No domestic or rainwater should be introduced into the neutraliser.


KN 1

nominal flow [L/s]: 1
total capacity [L]: 150
length [mm]: 800
width [mm]: 660
height [mm]: 490
connection diameter [mm]: 110
inlet height [mm]: 395
outlet height [mm]: 355

KN 2

nominal flow [L /s]: 2
total capacity [L]: 800
length [mm]: 1405
width [mm]: 990
height [mm]: 1050
connection diameter [mm]: 110
inlet height [mm]: 900
outlet height [mm]: 880

KN 3

nominal flow [L /s]: 3
total capacity [L]: 1225
length [mm]: 2080
width [mm]: 990
height [mm]: 1040
connection diameter [mm]: 160
inlet height [mm]: 900
outlet height [mm]: 880


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