bacterial activator – AQUAbact


It neutralises impurities, cleans internal sewage pipes of a building. Ensures constant patency of underground pipes, drains and siphons. Removes bad smells. It is resistant to detergents. Works at any temperature. Recommended for regular use in sewage treatment plants, septic tanks to microbiologically treat sewage and improve treatment efficiency.


A composition of non-pathogenic micro-organisms enabling the degradation of: ammonia, nitrates, hydrogen sulphide, indole, mercaptans, scatol and phosphorus compounds and other organic compounds. It has the ability to bind heavy metals, conduct fermentation processes, regulate the pH of sewage and inhibit the growth of undesirable microorganisms.


AQUAbact biopreparation should be applied at a dose of 1 scoop per m3 of treatment plant every 14 days. Higher doses are recommended in the initial period of application. The measured amount of preparation should be poured directly into the tank or introduced into the sewage system (toilet, sink, etc.). The preparation is safe and may be used in the presence of animals, including aquatic ones.


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